Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit More Like Christmas.

Today is December.  We are finally on countdown to Christmas.  People are starting to put lights outside their houses and a slight realisation that there isn't long to go has gripped people as they shop.  There is something tangible in the air, we can't escape it, even if we want to.

I don't want to, I love it!  The excitement of Christmas has been with me since I was a child and first understood what it was and I sincerely hope it remains with me for ever.  A little parcel arrived this morning containing tiny gold stars, silver hearts and gold glitter.  All edible and waiting to be sprinkled on chocolates, cakes, biscuits and mince pies.  I have decided against putting them in the cupboard as the children will think it is a free-for-all and they will be gone in no time.  These are for me! I will have lots of fun using them in a grown-up, artistic kind of way.  Or just going berserk and sprinkling them on everything, including the children's sandwiches.

As Pea is working today, the boys and I went into Holyhead to buy some Christmas lights for the cottage windows.  We are a little short on shops here, but that is a price we are willing to pay for living on an island.  However, we have Wilkinsons, so all is not lost.  Anyone living in Great Britain will understand!  We found the lights, then I found a holly garland with tiny red lights along it. This would be perfect for over the fireplace.  Then I found some pinecones, so I bought them too to bulk out the garland.  I may even put some bells on it to really make it ours!  These were necessary purchases and I only felt a teeny bit guilty about it.

I did however have minor palpitations about buying myself a jumper, until H1 literally forced me.  It is rather gorgeous being dark blue, which I love as it really suits me, and has little sequins scattered over it.  Cosy, practical but pretty.  Perfect.

Amazon delivered a book I ordered for my mum to give me for Christmas (!).  Granny Chic how I love you, and that's just the cover!  H1 had to wrench it from my hot grasp as I so wanted to curl up with it right there and then.  It looks amazing and I cannot wait to open it on Christmas Day.  I always wait to open my presents until the children have finished opening theirs.  This was important when they were little, as someone had to remember who had bought what in order to write the correct thing on the thank you notes.  They told me the other day that they want me to open mine at the same time.  Ah bless.  I get so much pleasure from seeing their faces though, so I doubt I will!  My time comes in the afternoon, when dinner is eaten, the dishes washed and put away, the kettle boiled.  Then I will sit down with my cup of tea, box of chocolates and my new books.  Yes!  Love it!

Yesterday I made a tray-bake.  It is basically a short-crust pastry base, baked blind, then has raspberry jam spooned over it and topped with Victoria sponge mix.  It is baked at about 180c for half and hour, then a runny icing is drizzled over it when cool.  It goes quite a long way and is always popular with the children.  (What isn't?)

It proved popular with Puppy too.  I had a small piece with a cup of tea and pushed the tray to the back of the work surface.

Less than a heart-beat later, I looked at the aforementioned cake and saw this...

He had licked all the icing off.  Gross.  I didn't tell anyone, I just cut the offending piece off.  No one need be any the wiser...

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for dropping by. xxx

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