Tuesday, 11 December 2012

'Tis The Season...

...To run about manically, wear extra jumpers, sleep on the settee and long for it all to be over.

I know, I sound like Scrooge pre-ghost visits.  I'm sorry but I feel a little overwhelmed with the amount still left to do.  I have bought all my Christmas presents but have yet to wrap them and I have some presents to make, too.  It is Pea's birthday on Sunday and the amount of things going on in the Primary school is unreal - and we are expected to turn out and support it all, of course.  As there are only 35 children in the entire school, from ages 3 to 11, every parent counts.

Then there is the food.  Blimey.  My children eat rather a lot at any time of year, but with all the little extra treats and party food, quite a large amount is needed.  I am trying not to panic.....!

I have been making a stocking as I mentioned before.  I earmarked today to finish it.  Puppy was being a really good boy, after having a belt round in the field earlier this morning,  he kindly settled down in his snugly jumper for a snooze and let me get on with some sewing.

I got on quite well with the hand sewing, although it did take rather a long time.  It was nice to sit down and still be productive and the radio was playing enough Christmas songs to keep me happy.  Finally I finished and turned the whole stocking the right way round - only to discover that it all looked ghastly.  I felt like crying, cutting it all up into a million pieces and burying it in the garden, never to be seen again.  But it is a present for a tiny baby boy so I cannot let him down, (though he may wish I had let him down!).  In the immortal words of Dave Lister - 'Oh, smeg'.

So when Pea suggested it wasn't too bad and could be rescued, with a bit of help, I protested as a person does when they feel sorry for themselves.  I couldn't bear to rip out all that hand stitching, but there was no other way but to unpick it and re-do certain parts.  I sighed heavily and dramatically then Pea said she would do it for me.  Ah, bless her heart.

After a busy day at Uni, this is how she is spending her evening. 

She had an amazing day at Bangor University and loved every second.  They extracted DNA from the ear canal of an Ice Fish.  I don't really know what to say about that, as I haven't a clue what should be said.  Anyway, Pea loved it and learnt a lot and can't wait for the rest of this amazing course.  I am, needless to say, extremely proud of her knowledge, enthusiasm and hard work.  I wish I was more like her.

We made these on Sunday.  Some for Babs and some for us over Christmas.  They smell beautiful and look pretty.  Not quite along the same lines as Zoology, but you can't have everything.

Have a lovely evening and thank you for reading. xxx


  1. i feel bad for your troubles,being a perfectionist can be so annoying at times! diolch P, you are a seren,cant wait to see you all soon x x

    1. Dim problem blodyn! 'Tis done and on it's way to you now. Hope you're happy with it. xxx

  2. Hi Karla, absolutely love your C'mas stocking. You are far more able than you give yourself credit for. Puppy's eyes look exactly like Miss T. Very Whippet, and a treat in his beloved jumper.Love you lots, mumxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you mum! My number one support as always! xxx