Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Past

Well, that all went by in the blink of an eye!  How fast can one day go, after weeks and weeks of planning, thinking and making.  Was it worth it?  I'll say!

We had a lovely, quiet day, just the four of us.  For the first time ever, I was awake before the children and when I went in to wake H2, I could hardly believe my ears when he muttered, 'Happy Christmas mum; can I have five more minutes please?' before he turned over and snuggled down again.  What?  Who is this strange child and where is H2?  I woke the other two, to the same retort, so I went to let the dogs out and feed them.  By the time I had done this the troupes had rallied themselves and were ready for action.

It is fair to say that as your children get older, their presents get smaller but more expensive, therefore it didn't take too long for Pea and H1 to open theirs, but H2 had quite a satisfactory stack and got stuck in with abandoned glee.  Lots of paper tearing punctuated with 'Wow!', 'Yesss!', and 'Thank you!', took care of a good half an hour, while the rest of us entertained the dogs and ourselves.

Then it was my turn...

I am extremely happy and content.  There is no more to be said.

This little item of pure gorgeousness just added to the heady mix of excitement and joy.  I am a woman complete.  To be honest, any vintage tea-cup makes me hop about in the manner of a ten year old girl in a sweet shop and if it is stuffed with potpourri, a pin cushion and hand crocheted doily, I am boarder-line ecstatic.  My family know me so well.  Fortunately they were all pleased with their hand made items too, so happiness all round.

We are a family of book lovers and most of our presents were made up of brand new books both longed-for and unexpected.  They will give us many hours of pleasure, inspiration and knowledge for  years to come.

We didn't get a white Christmas sadly, more a soggy brown one as the rain kept falling and the wind kept blowing.  Thankfully, we are all safe, warm and dry and have plenty to eat, thanks to our lovely friends who gave us piles of chocolates and yummy things.  I just have to make sure we all get out each day to walk it all off!

Where ever you are, I hope you had a super Christmas Day and will continue to enjoy the festive season.  Thank you for reading. xxx

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