Thursday, 20 December 2012

Comfort and Joy

Yesterday I had a bit of a shock; my ex-husband reared his ugly head again,in the form of a package full of upsetting letters, just when we were finally starting to relax and believe it was all over for ever.  Typical isn't it? We hugged each other more during the evening and I kept looking at my gorgeous children, thankful that they are old enough to make their own decisions.  The letters are now in the outside loo with the damp and creepy-crawlies, and will stay there until I see fit to do something about them.

He is a nasty piece of work at the best of times and we have all worked very hard to put it all behind us.  I had a restless night and H2 had a bad dream, (hasn't had one for months) and I woke with the old aches and pains due to a night spent unconsciously curled up in a tight ball.  But...we are a heck of a lot stronger now than we were 6 months ago and today is another day, it's almost Christmas and my children deserve to have a peaceful, happy time.  And they will.

Pea sat her science exams yesterday and was happy with the way they went.  She has Welsh Literature and Art today, Geography tomorrow morning and then they have a party in the afternoon, which she is really looking forward to!  So off they all went to school and I had a day in front of me.  What do you do when you want to forget something unpleasant and remember the lovely things in life? 

You put the radio on, you sing at the top of your voice and dance around the kitchen; you make toffee and cookies for the people you love.

You wrap yourself in the comfort of your home and family.

And the things your children have made...


And want to achieve, with hard work and dedication.

You remind yourself that it is Christmas..

And you smile. A lot.  I find that smiling has several benefits. Firstly, it hides any sagging bits on my face and secondly, it makes others wonder what on earth you are up to.  Other happy souls will smile back but those with a shifty disposition will look on you with suspicion and puzzlement.  Good, keep at it!  It is tough at times but much better to smile than frown.

I have just found this I'm so cute and sweet dog practically upside down in the bin.  He came out with a mouth-full of something gross and then shot off round the room and hid under the table.  He knew he was in trouble by the way I yelled all sorts of obscene language at him.  Did he care?  No, he did not.  He is now curled up in a most becoming puppy-like manner, whimpering slightly in his sleep, looking for all the world like an angel.  Do not be fooled, he is a witches' familiar, I am sure of it.  Maybe Santa will bring him a broom-stick to chew.

Where ever you are, what ever you do, do it with a smile and as always, be excellent to each other! xxx

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