Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cabin Fever

I am not quite myself today.  I keep dropping things, forgetting things and generally just getting things wrong.  I don't like this feeling, it isn't me.  I have been hijacked by a mood that renders me useless, lacking in enthusiasm and sparkle.  I am not the dazzling goddess I strive to be.  I am not happy.

Puppy can sense it I think, he is pacing about chewing things and whining.  For what I don't know; he has had everything I can think he could possibly want or need, but still he won't settle.  I took him in the field to get rid of some energy, then in the garden just in case I missed a bit, but he is worse.  He gets the wind up his tail and tears round like a thing possessed.  Now he is chewing the Christmas tree.  Give me strength!

Yesterday, after writing my post, I went to the kitchen to make candles.  I had an email from Barbara at Cadeiriau Mon asking for more teacup candles and the heart shaped floating candles I make.  I melted 500gms of wax, added the colour and poured it into the jug.  It was too hot to pour into the the containers, so I tidied up my work space a little while I waited for it to cool down.  The next thing I know I have somehow knocked the jug over and hot wax covered the work surface, the cooker, the floor, me.  I didn't even swear, I was so shocked!  I could not believe what I had done.  What a waste of time and wax.  Instinct told me to start dabbing at it but of course it is better to leave it, let it cool and then start dabbing at it.  So in the end I wasted an hour and a half melting and then scraping up wax and not a candle to be seen.

I have certainly learnt a thing or two about making candles; wear a PVC apron in future and don't try to do ten other things at the same time.

Everywhere I look in my home, there is something made by one of us.  Anyone coming to visit would know who the occupants are without even meeting us.

For all of us, it is our things that make our homes special.  Not expensive mass-produced stuff that countless other people have cluttering up their homes, but the little things we have made, our children have brought home from school, or the way we display our collections and books and the things that make us unique.

Since time began, humans have decorated their homes.  Cavemen painted stories on their walls, Aborigine People told of their beliefs and the Incas did something...Inca-ish. A creative ability is something we are all born with, but as we get older other more 'important' things take it's place and indulging in our crafts is deemed a waste of time.  If you have spent your day knitting yourself some gorgeous cosy socks, or painting the view from your window, instead of cooking lorry-loads of food for your starving families, do you feel guilty?  Heck yes!

But there is no need.  Do not be fooled; I too suffer from this affliction but get round it by ignoring the guilt that prods at my ribs and making things for my children from time to time.  Especially if it is edible and sweet, then I can get away with anything!

So even though I am at present climbing the walls like a demented cat, I can still see the beauty in my surroundings and accept that even doing something I love can be tiring.  When we make things, we put a lot of ourselves into our creations. Some people are lucky enough to be able to go forever, but I need a break when I hit a low point.  My crafting mo-jo will return, I just need a day off.
 Unleash your creative beast and see where it takes you!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day. xxx

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