Saturday, 8 December 2012

Let It Snow

A beautiful dawn broke over the island this morning. The wind had died and the sun rose over the mountains.  It was cold and crisp; a perfect day.  It didn't last, but we enjoyed it while we could.  Pea and I donned coats and scarfs and set off for town.

I am not a fan of  anywhere other than the countryside and beach, but now and then I make the effort and it was lovely to spend some time alone with my daughter.  The boys stayed at home as the mere mention of ladies under garments has them making elaborate vomiting noises and pretending to pass out.  Give it a few years...

It was very busy out there and there are still two weeks to go until the Big Day.  We managed to get most things we wanted.  I finished buying Christmas cards and wrapping paper and got an extension cable for H2.  Very exciting.  Pea is going to University next week.  Fifteen pupils from Pea's school have been chosen to go to the Science labs to view the ear canal of Ice Fish, under the most powerful microscope in the country.  It is a two year course and will look very well on her CV.  She bought a new top and jumper to wear, though they will hardly be seen under her lab coat, but it's how you feel isn't it?

I think I mentioned that I am making a Christmas stocking for a new baby boy.  I made one last year for my niece and the whole process went incredibly smoothly and I was thrilled with the finished piece.  Not so this time!  I was having a bad week, so can only put it down to that. 

I love these fabrics.  They are young and suitable for a boy, but hopefully will last him a good few years before he can't bear to hang a Christmas stocking anymore.

I will do a patchwork front and back with both of these fabrics and then sew the tapes and ric-rac over the seams.  As my sewing machine is being a pain, I will hand sew it all, which I will be able to do while sitting on the settee and watching a Christmas film, either The Holiday or A Christmas Carol.  The Christmas tree lights will be on and the dogs gently snoozing at my feet.  In my dreams.  Puppy will most likely be the Devil incarnate and causing chaos, while Middle Aged Labrador (MAL) and I will be driven distracted.

Please, please, PLEASE!

I love this ribbon and it is in a way, a little magic spell for all those out in the world who are as bonkers about snow as I am.  I love to see it lying on the ground and thickly coating branches of trees, but the best bit is when it's  falling.  To see it coming whirling down to the ground is a great delight to me and one I have been dazzled by since I was a little girl.  It is purely magical.

This was taken two years ago, when the whole of the UK had the heaviest snow fall we had seen in many years.  I loved it and so did my children, family and friends.  We still talk about it now.  It was so exciting, though not a little worrying for our loved ones who had to travel in it.  It got a bit worrying for us too, as we ran out of coal and wood for the fire and food was getting a bit low.  We managed to get the car off the drive, with effort, and stocked-up, so we were fine and could enjoy this amazing spectacle.

But for now, we will have to be content with fake frost on my gorgeous Christmas wreath.  It blew off the door the other night in the rough winds we had, but it seems to be no worse for the experience; apart from the bits that Puppy chewed off and there is a pine cone hanging drunkenly from the bottom...

Have a lovely day, wherever you are and thank you for reading. xxx

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  1. hi karla, the snow of 2010 was amazing wasnt it. I brought a sledge last year in preperation but not a single flake. hopefully we'll get some this year, and a day off school wouldnt go a miss either! love the stocking so far.tara till next time x x