Monday, 19 November 2012

The Bells! The Bells!

What a ghastly day!  The wind has been howling round the cottage since yesterday evening.
It hits the walls and chimney pots with a tremendous bang; it moans through the keyholes; it barges it's way under the eaves and rattles the roof slates; the rain hits the windows like a thousand sea-washed pebbles.

Outside, the world is dark and cold.  The animals huddle close to the hedgerows for shelter, the birds battle against the strength of the wind, the sea is a boiling, heaving mass of grey.  But there is no need to go out.  The children are safely at school, the dogs are doing what dogs do best on days like this - sleeping.  I am happy in my cosy nest.

What a perfect day!  I shall listen to the radio and play with bells!  Now that most of the red, gold and green have been taken out to use on Row's hearts, I have been left with a different colour palette.  They are still Wintry in their way, though.  The purple heathers on the cliffs, the pink campions that still brave the elements and peek out from the black branches of hawthorn and blackthorn, and blue.  Blue is a versatile colour, willing to please!  At this time of year it speaks to me of frost and ice and sends shivers down my spine, but it is also a sparkling sea lit by a hot summer sky.  Beautiful.

These little bells are irresistible.  They have a tiny, whispering kind of sound. I sometimes see the children with their hands in the little glass dish in which they sit, gently swirling them round to hear their sound.  I do too!

So before they all end up on the floor and the dogs choke on them, I will use them for the purpose which they were intended.

I saw this idea in 'Homemaker' magazine and really liked it, but I thought I could make something more of it.  So out comes the felt!  You simply can't beat this stuff for a quick craft fix.  I love it!

The nice thing about these garlands, is that you can do anything with them.  Hang them vertically or horizontally or drape them over things in a slightly hazy, romantic fashion!  I will probably drape this over the fireplace.  In fact the fireplace will be so well adorned at Christmas that Santa will most likely get tangled up in it all, fall flat on his face and swallow his own teeth.  Oh Nooo.  Take them down!  Take them down!  I couldn't cope with the responsibility!
Wreaths are safer.  Possibly.  I added some jingle-bell love to the wreath I started making last week.

I am very happy with this, though I say so myself, but I think I've had enough of making them for the time being. Hmm, my hot water bottle cosy is looking a bit sorry for itself, maybe I should make another...
It will have to wait for another day though, as it won't be long before the troops are home, cold and starving.  Leek and potato soup and cheese on toast are the things for hungry people, followed by the Millionaire's Shortbread H1 made yesterday.  If there's any left, that is...
Keep Warm and Carry On!  Thank you for reading. xxx

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