Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cobwebs and Candles

Yesterday the children went back to school and I had no excuse but to clean and tidy!  Yuk.

A bit of work avoidance was in order first though, to give me time to get in the mind set and gear myself up for the mammoth task ahead.  I walked the dogs down the lane on the most glorious, crisp autumn morning.  Cold, clear and clean.  We lingered; the dogs enjoying it as much as me.  Bird sightings and curious glances from cows and sheep accompanied us as we walked.  All was silent.

But...work called, so we went home and I went through the cottage like a thing possessed.  I must say, it was worth it as it all looked gorgeous and fresh.  So after all that, I deserved a little treat in the form of making floating heart shaped candles!

I purchased a new mould and scent recently and up until now haven't had chance to try them out.  The scent is called 'Winter Warmer' and I have to say, I thought it smelled ghastly and was a bit nervous of using it.  It is meant to smell of berries and spices, so I decided to colour my candles deep berry pink.  I tried to work out how much wax to use so that in future I don't have to faff about and can just get on with having fun.  A bit trial and error but I was really pleased with the result.  Then I had an idea to make white candles in the same fragrance and add glitter!  Woohoo!  The smell and sight of these tiny little things thrilled me to the core!  What joy can be had on an autumn afternoon with just the radio for company, a couple of saucepans, wax and glitter.  I love it.

Of course, it wasn't that simple.  Having a five month old puppy in the house is similar to having a two year old child.  They do things when you're not looking.  So there was some frantic dashing about to grab him as he shot past me with a mouthful of Lego or someones dirty undies out of the laundry basket, (why?) but apart from that...

Here is a taster to be going on with and I will show you the end product before I send them off to Babs for her shop.

Have a lovely day all and thank you for dropping by. xxx

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