Saturday, 3 November 2012

Chairs, Beeswax and Marmalade.

Yesterday, I drove the children and my mum down the island to visit a little shop in Aberffraw.

 The shop is owned and run by my old Welsh language teacher, Babs and her partner, Richard.  When I say old, I don't mean that she is old, but that she no longer teaches me Welsh.  In fact, no one teaches me Welsh as it got the better of me and I caved in after 5 years of learning!

 Cadeiriau Mon ( is situated in a small square of converted barns in this tiny hamlet, and this is where Richard re-canes vintage and pre-loved chairs of varying shapes and sizes. Like all true craftsmen, he was very generous with his time and was keen to share his knowledge with Pea and the boys.  Babs and Richard are two of the warmest, friendliest people ever and we left with the feeling of having made a new friendship and strengthened another - along with three jars of Babs' homemade marmalade! 

I should perhaps mention  that my reason for going there in the first place was to show them both some of the crafts I have been working on recently.  Like many newly single mums, I do not want to go out to work and leave my family to fend for themselves, or give the dogs too much time alone to shred the cottage, eat through the electrics and set fire to everything.  So after a lot of soul-searching and an inspirational chat with my fab brother, I decided to try to sell my handmade items in small shops on the island.  Cadeiriau Mon was the first stab at this new way of life, and bless their hearts, they allowed me to take up some valuable space in their gorgeous shop and sell my wares alongside  very talented island crafters.

So...The first hurdle has been cleared and I'm off and running!  And it's not as scary as I imagined!

If anyone else out there is in a similar position, please, just have a go.  You never know!

Diolch Babs a
Some of my beeswax bouquets and other goodies ready for their big day.
Richard and Bab's cosy shop where all manner of treats await!
By the way, H2 has eaten most of the orange marmalade already, claiming it to be 'lovely'!
Thank you for reading, bye for now. xxx



  1. Hi sis, seventh attempt to post a comment about your great blog and gorgeous goodies! Hope you're all well and hope this works this time! Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you for trying and finally succeeding! V glad you are enjoying my blog. Thank you for reading it! Lots of love from us all on Windy Island xxx