Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cosy Crochet Flowers

I thought you may like to see a little book I made for my sister.

I began making these books last year sometime.  I hatched a plan and had a go.  I remember the look on my friend's face when she came for a panad one afternoon, and I was sitting on the floor surrounded by bits of card and sticky tape.  I told her I was making a book.  She said 'Oh.  Shall we have a cup of tea?' 

Anyway, the first one was a bit suspect, but I still have it and use it as a mini scrap book of cuttings from magazines of things I love.  It's cheerful and I love it.  The second one I gave to my sister-in-law, who loved it, as it was clearly much better and more like a book than my previous attempt!

This is the one I made for my sis.  She hasn't got it yet, so now I've shown you I can send it to her.

I started making crochet flower brooches a while ago, just for myself as a bit of fun.  I added long ribbon and lace tails to make them look like rosettes.  A friend saw one and bought it for her daughter!  I took one to show Babs last week and she has asked me to make some more for her shop, so that's what I was doing yesterday afternoon before school pick-up time.

They aren't finished yet as you can see, but I will show you when they are.  I love working with thick, soft yarns and chunky hooks as things grow so fast and you really feel you are getting somewhere.  I have to confess I knit and crochet for the end result, rather than the pleasure of the act itself.  Awful isn't it?  I made a wrap-over cardy in 4ply once and it took me a year to complete.  I was sick of it by then and wished I'd never bothered.  I hardly wear it, sadly.  I made another shorty jacket that seemed to get bigger every time I wore it, so eventually I undid it and knit up a super pair of chunky, warm slippers!  I wear these a lot more than I would a nasty, baggy cardy!

It feels quite cold here today.  The sea is gun-metal grey and the wind is lazy - it goes through you, rather than round you - but the dogs and I are cosy in our cottage, well they are now they've got their jumpers on!  I may put a film on (Is it too early for A Christmas Carol? The Holiday?) and finish my rosettes.  The children will be starving when they come home, so I will be making minced beef and onion pie and chips for tea.  Better get my pinny out.

Have a lovely day and keep warm. xxx

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