Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy November!

Today November came and brought bitterly cold wind.  Goody!  The sea is blue and the mountains invisible under the clouds.  When the sun puts in an appearance, the colours of the countryside deepen and intensify.  Only Autumn can do this.

As it is half-term, there hasn't been a lot of crafting going on.  Or more accurately, there hasn't been any crafting going on.  Huh.  I love having my children home but...the mess in the cottage increases by the moment and I am powerless to do anything about it.  I pretend I can't see it.  Less painful that way.  It will all be sorted out next week anyway and then yet more mess will take it's place.

No wonder we craft!  To lose ourselves in swathes of fabric and felt and rolls of gorgeous lace and ribbons.  We don't make a mess anyway - it's creative and therefore necessary.   Of course, I can always blame it on my son's puppy and get him to clear it up!

Pea and I went into the garden to take some photos of my handmade quilts, books and autumn leaf bunting, that I have been making recently.  The leaves have glitter on to look like frost; they really sparkled in the sun.  A lovely, mother-daughter moment, girly and gentle.

Back indoors, the moment over, aforementioned puppy has just done something on the carpet that he really shouldn't have and H1 (my son, pup's owner)  is now scrubbing it clean, after muttering something unmentionable and booting puppy outside to finish the job.  Oh joy.

I really need to whip everyone into action, rug up and drag the dogs up the lane for some much needed exercise and fresh air.  If I have to suffer one more episode of Horrid-blinking-Henry, I shall scream.

Have a lovely day.  Bye for now. xxx

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