Saturday, 9 February 2013

Beach Love.

My mood of feeling flat earlier on in the week escalated into a full-blown migraine, so the last three days have been spent trying to keep warm, still and quiet in order for said pain to leave me in peace.  Finally, yesterday evening for a few hours, it did.  It re-surfaced when I woke this morning, but I'd had enough of it by then, so we decided a long overdue trip to the beach was in order.  Wellies on, coats buttoned up and dogs on leads.  Off we go...!

It is a dull day and a bit drizzly, but there is no wind.  Oh thank the heavens for that.  Having it screaming round my window for the last 48 hours has driven me quietly mad.  It isn't even too cold; another blessing.  Puppy has never been to the beach nor seen the sea, so he was in for a treat.  He has been rather too full of himself lately, so maybe a bit of uncertainty wouldn't do him any harm.  He hates the car and that was the first thing to take the wind out of his sails.  The lane to the beach is quite windey and bumpy, so it unfortunately made him bring up his breakfast.  We were prepared for this and H1 had put down paper and old towels for the event, Puppy completely missed all that though, and threw up on H1's coat instead.

After what seemed to be the longest ten minutes ever, we arrived at the beach and Puppy soon forgot his ordeal.  For the first time in his short little life he ran freely on the sand and pebbles and has his first swim in the sea!  He wasn't sure about it to begin with, but by following MAL's lead, he relaxed and just enjoyed it.

We enjoyed it too.  The smells of the sea (which is actually plankton poo), the sounds of waves washing over pebbles and the bands of seaweed deposited by the rough winds we have had lately, all make the process of walking the dogs on the beach something really special.

I love the things that nature leaves for us to find.

I know the seaside always looks better when the sun is shining and the sea is a sparkling, twinkling blue, but it has something about it during the duller months of the year too.  An empty beach is a thing to treasure.  Silent and belonging just to us for that moment.  I love seeing what my children do with it, when they are left to their own devices, with no television, computer games or homework to get in the way.

It doesn't take long.

It doesn't matter what they do.  H2 loves to get wet and sandy and build things; H1 likes to throw stones in the sea and Pea likes to hunt for nature.

I just like to sit and watch them explore and marvel in the beauty of our island home.

Yes it will look a whole lot prettier when the sun comes out, but it's still rather gorgeous to me.

We returned home with two wet and tired dogs, rosy cheeks and a car full of dog sick.  The boys dried off the dogs, Pea made dinner and I got the glorious task of cleaning out the car.  Oh joy.  Oh rapture.  It was nice to sit in the kitchen with Pea afterwards and eat soup and drink tea.  Now we can all spend a guilt-free lazy afternoon.  I am rather hoping that someone will wander into the kitchen and start baking as I could really enjoy an afternoon piece of chocolate cake.  Anyone?

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading. xxx

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