Friday, 25 January 2013

Bring on the Spring!

I honestly never thought I would say this, but...I wish the snow would melt!!!  I know!  What is wrong with me for goodness sake?  I spent all December wishing for white stuff and now we have had a full week of it, I'm not happy.  Typical.

It is slowly starting to melt, aided and abetted by the wind and rain, but it is still so, so cold.  Walking H2 to school this morning felt colder than it has done all week.  That wind is vicious.  Sadly, due to the amount of wet clothes, muddy boots and even muddier paws, I had to clean the cottage today.  Oh no.  It did keep me warm though and chasing after Puppy when he cleared off with my feather duster meant I could at last shed a layer of extra clothing.  I have now got a headache looming; a clear sign that cleaning is bad for your health.

 Crocheting dinky doilies however, is extremely beneficial to mental health, even if the physical side of it goes a bit awry.  I ordered 2 balls of Anchor Style Creativa crocheting cotton from Purplelinda Crafts, which came yesterday lunch time, just as I had cast on some knitting yarn to have a practice with.  Perfect timing!  I whipped off my scratty bit of wool and looped this sumptuous yarn onto my hook.  It glides smoothly over your hook and creates gorgeous stitches (even though mine are far from gorgeous).  I like the weight of it too and it sits flat and feels like a vintage doily that has seen a bit of life from pretty English parlours.

I know they are only small but I have found that blocking them works wonders.  You can ease them into shape a little more and they just seem more finished.

These embroidered flowers are the only sign of Spring that I can find in my home.  My nan stitched this tablecloth for me many years ago.  Funny how the person is no longer here, but she's still around in all her needlework and it's a lovely way to remember her.  I think she would probably fall off her cloud if she knew I sew and crochet!  I was pretty useless at it as a child and young woman, preferring instead to muck out horses, but I hope she would be proud nevertheless.

At least we are on the right side of the year now and the evenings are staying light longer.  Over Christmas it was dark by half past four, but now it is more like five or even after before it gets dark.  I am very happy about that.  I am longing to stay out in the garden until late, play Frisbee in the field with the children or just sit and watch the sky turn red as the sun sets.  Bring it on, I'm ready now!

Thank you for dropping by and have a lovely day. xxx

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  1. Yes indeedy ... bring it on. I am missing the flowers in the garden.