Sunday, 19 October 2014

Lazy Day

This week has been a busy one.  I seemed to have spent most of my time in the car, driving about picking up and dropping off the children somewhere for something or other.  Then there was the day out visiting my brother on his birthday; the dentist after school one time; my afternoon volunteering and general running about doing every day stuff.  Consequently I have ended the week feeling slightly jaded and a bit frayed around the edges.  Today is Sunday and I am determined to take it slowly.

Of course there are still things to be done, even on my supposed day of rest.  Cooking dinner for one thing.  I was up fairly early as I had to drop Pea off at school at nine.  She and some of the other sixth formers are heading into the mountains for a day of hiking.  The weather is far from being clement sadly, although it is probably better that she will be out all day, battling with the wind, rather than prowling around the house like a caged panther.  The boys have no problems relaxing and are quite happy to be in doors on a bad day.  Seeing the darkening skies this morning, H1 dug about in the box of DVDs looking for a 'winter's day' film to watch.  During the warmer months of the year we spend so much time outside we hardly ever watch films, but once things take a turn for the worse, out they come.  It is like re-discovering old friends.  We all have our 'comfort' films for the winter time.  H1 chose Finding Nemo for this morning's viewing.  I love Sweet Home Alabama at any time of the year but once November arrives and it becomes more acceptable to watch Christmas films, out come A Christmas Carol and The Holiday!  Love 'em.

I haven't had time to take any proper pictures lately.  If I take my camera out with me there is never anything I want to take a photo of, but the moment I leave it behind there is a wealth of opportunity for a person who should have taken her camera with her (but didn't).  Typical.  I have to learn from this and take it with me where ever I go from now on.  At least I would have some slightly more interesting images to offer you.

Earlier in the week I almost burnt the house down.  Puppy saved me and the house and has now earned himself the glowing title of Fire Dog.  It is a bit embarrassing but I will tell you what happened.  I had made an apple and blackberry steamed pudding and put it in the pan to steam on the stove.  Then, having had no time to practise my line dancing, I went into the lounge leaving the kitchen door open so I could keep my eye on the pan.  You can guess where this is going, right?  I put on the music and became so engrossed in dancing that time passed without knowing.  Suddenly Puppy began barking at the kitchen door.  I went to investigate and detected a funny smell coming from the kitchen.  I lifted the pan with the pudding in and discovered the bottom pan had boiled dry so I put it on the draining board to cool down a bit before filling it with water again.  In the meantime, I took Puppy in the garden as he was clearly distressed about something.  On returning, he refused to come back inside and stood on the doorstep shaking.  I left the door open for him while sorting out the pan.  It had made a scorch mark on the draining board and was hotter than it should have been by now.  I set it in the sink on the oven glove and filled it with cold water.  The smell got worse and Puppy was frantic on the door step.  The pan melted my oven glove despite the cold water and filled the kitchen with a horrible stench. On reflection, it would appear that had it not been for Puppy, we were only moments away from disaster. That was the end of that, but thankfully the pudding was done to a turn and tasted amazing.  Eventually Puppy calmed down enough to come back inside again, but if I so much as burn toast, he shakes, barks and begs to go outside.  Poor dog.

Next time I promise to give you some seriously good pictures.  The pressure is on!

Have a good day and thank you for reading. xxx

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