Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Apple Pie Kind Of Day

The half term is finally and blissfully upon us. Yay!  A good week has passed by and I have accepted the fact that British Summer Time is most definitely over but I can't say I feel any better for it.  Pea and I hit the gym this week in an attempt to keep up our exercise levels over the darker months.  I can honestly say, pounding away on a treadmill for half and hour is sheer torture.  Give me the open countryside every time.  And it's free.  However, I did feel better for it afterwards and went home in a lighter frame of mind.  I have dancing to look forward tomorrow night and plenty going on for the rest of the week.  The nights are drawing in rapidly and the wind has stripped the leaves from the trees.  Winter is approaching; time to hunker down.

In an attempt to fill my permanently ravenous children with good, home cooked food, I made apple slices this week, which we ate with hot custard.  I sprinkled the tops with caster sugar and cinnamon to give them a warm, autumnal flavour.  I love apple pie at any time of year and it can easily be tweaked to suit the season.  I love it most hot from the oven with ice cream, or with the addition of blackberries in early autumn, accompanied by Bird's custard.  Apple pie is country; homemade; wholesome and warm.  Comfort food at its best.

Pea has had an eventful week.  She recently filled in her UCAS applications for the university courses she is interested in and heard back this week that she has been accepted on all five.  The timing was perfect as Bangor Uni held an open day yesterday, so Pea and I drove off leaving the boys to fester in their pyjamas.

Bangor is only half an hour away, so we are very lucky to be able to fit it into the day easily.  I also knew where I was going, which is half the battle.  I did however ignore the sign directing us to the parking area, which is most unlike me.  Usually I obey every rule, but lately I am finding a rebellious streak making itself known, much to my surprise.  Maybe it has always been there, lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to spring up and shock me.  Who knows?  Anyway, we arrived in plenty of time, parked the car and found our way to the main building.  There were hundreds of teenagers and their parents, all looking slightly miffed at the enormity of the event that would be taking place in all our lives in less than a year.  We attended presentations, went on tours of the School of Biological Sciences where Pea will be studying and had a bus ride to view the accommodation on offer.  It was all extremely pleasing.  Pea will have an amazing time there and I am so fortunate knowing she is but a short distance away, having the time of her life.

Bangor is a very small city set in a stunning location, sandwiched between the Straights and the Snowdonia mountain range.  Pea will have all the opportunities she could ever wish for to spend time enjoying the whole area; hiking, climbing, scuba diving and swimming to name but a few.  The buildings are beautifully kept and an absolute fortune is being spent on new student facilities and buildings.  They have thought of everything.  Despite the short journey, the day was full and intense so we arrived home that afternoon feeling excited but shattered.  I grabbed a quick cup of tea before going out for a walk with the dogs.  No matter how small the city may be, there are still far too many people in it for my liking.  I need the freedom and open space where it is a novelty to see another person.  A good walk to clear my head and stretch my legs balanced my scales again and I returned home to an evening of watching Strictly Come Dancing and eating chocolate.

This morning the weather is matching the mood.  The wind is blowing down the chimney making us all want to stay in and eat comforting food.  There is a coffee and walnut cake...

and of course, an apple pie which is currently baking in the oven and filling the house with its warm scent.  After the busy-ness of yesterday, today demands to be taken easily and enjoyed.  Now and then it is good to have a day where there is nothing to do.  They are rare indeed, and should therefore be taken as a treat to be indulged with pleasure, completely guilt-free.  Things need to be done of course, like cooking dinner and walking the dogs, but the rest of it will be spent day dreaming and drinking tea.  The best kind of treat.

Relax and enjoy your day and thank you for reading. xxx

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  1. I agree..a good walk outside is better than the treadmill any day, but my walking is pretty much flat and I have been told to up the aerobic exercise, so must go to the gym for the elliptical....think I am getting back on a horse, having put my last one down (old age) many years ago. If I exercise, I want it to be fun!