Monday, 21 April 2014

Bird Bunting Update

The weather just gets better and better.  It is still only April and yet today I wore a strappy summer dress and cardigan, but it had to go as it got too warm to keep it on.  Absolute bliss!  At 9.30 this morning the vet who owns Puppy's brother rang and asked if she could come round on her way home from doing a prolapse at a nearby farm.  We had a chat while the dogs tore round the garden, sprang over the fence and shot up the lane and out of sight.  We decided we should perhaps take them for a walk around a reservoir, not farm from us.  It was lovely to wander along, talking, while the dogs sniffed new smells and trotted along happily.  This is the stuff that perfect days are made of.

Just over an hour later, H1, Puppy and I returned home to find Pea studying hard in the garden with MAL for company and H2 was digging about for bits of Lego in his bedroom.  I set to with my gardening tools and dug up a few more clumps of weeds.  It got a bit hot around lunch time, so I downed tools and took up my sewing needle instead and finished the last string of bird scaring bunting.  I found a few sturdy sticks behind the poly tunnel and almost did myself a minor injury while trying to force them into the ground.  The combination of being a small female and firm, dry ground made certain I couldn't just push the sticks in and be done with it; I had to dig holes and heel them in.  Anyway, a bit of time spent now should hopefully help avoid the necessity of having to re-do them in the future.

I tied the bunting at each end to the sticks and strung it across the garden where I have sowed seeds I want to protect from birds.  In the light breeze the flags fluttered about and looked so charming and country cottagey, I was jiggling about in excitement like a three year old!

To save any accidents with someone bending down and taking their eyes out on the end of the sticks, I found some clay pots in the poly tunnel and popped them over the tops.  Very Mr McGreggor!

Time will tell if the bunting does the job of keeping birds away or not, but I do have an idea of adding some tiny wind chimes for added security - and in all honesty, it would be really pretty too!

I will write a longer post next time, but for now I am going to make a cup of tea and sit down to watch a programme about bees.  Thank you for


  1. Love your bunting! Very Mr. McGregorish I'd say!

  2. Your bunting looks great -and I really like the idea of little windchimes as well.