Sunday, 16 June 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are designed for getting up late, drinking tea in your dressing gown, gazing at the sky and generally lazing about.  After a week of lethargy, I woke this morning with something akin to enthusiasm and energy.  I think this was brought on by the state of the house; paper and books everywhere, dishes in the sink waiting to be washed and clothes waiting to be put away.  Enough of this mess, it is spoiling my lazy Sunday morning.

Usually when I mention the C word to my children, it is met with groans of despair, the dogs hide and H2 looks at me with tears in his eyes and says, I hate it when you're like this!  Charming.  Might I remind you all that the mess is not caused by me, but it falls to me to clean it up, or at least martial everyone else into cleaning it up.  Today though they all seemed quite happy to set about with the hoover and dusters and within an hour things looked much neater.  The washing is blowing  madly on the line, the floors are clean and most of the surfaces are tidy.

So enough of the manic cleaning and on with the real business of the day; being lazy.  H1 is doing a power point on Puppy for his Welsh presentation at school,  so he has been taking photos of Puppy going about his Sunday morning.  He loves woodlice and has found quite a few of them in the garden.  He then plays with them for a bit and then they disappear.  We are not sure if he eats them or if they run away in fear for their lives.  He spent a few happy moments chasing a butterfly and then dug a hole in the lawn and finding something within, chewed contentedly on it for a bit.

Today is Father's Day in Britain, and to show my dad just how much I love him I gave him the Stargazing Pig that I made in pottery class last week.  It has been fired (unglazed) in the kiln during the week and came back to me a lovely delicate pink colour but minus one leg as it had blown off in the kiln.  So my dad is now the proud owner of a three-legged-stargazing pig.  He was delighted with his gift but managed to hide it well by laughing his head off and asking me what it was.  Huh, isn't it obvious?  Clearly not.  That aside, Pea and I made a bit more tat with which to clutter up our home at pottery class on Friday.

It would seem that my initial success on the potter's wheel was purely beginner's luck as this time I managed to make a right hash of it.  I kept getting my fingers in the wrong place and ended up squashing my lovely pot.  Pea, however made a super job of hers and will have something really lovely to gather more dust in her bedroom.

In keeping with the theme of today, dinner will be a joint effort between Pea and myself.  Yesterday I made a chocolate and cinnamon cake and there is, miraculously, enough left for pudding today.  After dinner I fully intend to read and drink tea for most of the afternoon.  If the sun comes out again and this blessed wind drops, I will be doing it in the garden without any of the feelings of guilt that usually accompany me during this activity.  It is Sunday and you should please yourself what you do with it.

Enjoy your day, what ever you do with it.  Thank you for dropping by my Windy Island. xxx

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