Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summer Breeze

We have been promised that a heatwave will hit the British Isles and stay with us for the next two weeks.  At last!  We so deserve it after the rubbish summers we have been having.  In eager anticipation, I bought a pair of shorts for the first time in about 20 years.  I have worn them for the last two days and fully expect to be practically living in them for the duration of aforementioned sizzling summer.  I will of course wash them every day.

It has been a little breezy today, but that just helps to keep us from getting too sticky and hot while we sit and bake in the sun.  This morning, the four of us donned our shorts and set off for a quick stint in Holyhead to buy H1 yet another pair of trainers.  For a very tall, slim person, he is extremely heavy on his footwear.  Thankfully, he is happy with anything and does not give me any hassle about brands and all that nonsense.  Good job, as he wouldn't get them anyway.  Trainers bought, we headed through town and out the other side to a beautiful RSPB nature reserve at South Stack cliffs.

On the way up the lane, we met these two naughty ponies, who had escaped their field and were having a really nice time wandering about and saying hello to visitors.

We had to hang about for a bit before we could get by, but so what?  It's nice to be stopped in the lane by escaped ponies!

We left them to eat the grass on the verge and carried on up the hill to the car park.  Pea spent a lot of time here last summer doing work experience and then volunteer work and loved every minute, even the days when she got soaked to the skin within the first half an hour!  It is a magical place to visit but one you will share with plenty of others, especially on a lovely day.

As it was still reasonably early, there weren't too many people about, so we were able to walk round comfortably and take in the scenery.  There are hundreds of Razorbills nesting on the cliffs at this time of year and they make quite a lot of noise about it too.

They are amazing; they just pack in tight and hold on.  Not the most comfortable of nest sites but it's what they like.  Apart from breath taking drops over the edge of cliffs, there are hundreds of wild flowers on flat ground next to paths.  Thank goodness.

With all the meadows around us at the moment and farmers making hay while the sun shines, hay fever is rife.  A lovely walk can be spoilt somewhat by the onset of a bout of sneezing or worst still, itchy eyes.  I have sat through a few evenings happily gouging my eyeballs out, (slight exaggeration, but fellow HF sufferers will understand).  The wind doesn't help, as it stirs up the pollen and throws it liberally in our direction.  I can forgive it a little as it does create such beauty as it whispers over the tops of long grasses, like a gentle hand ruffling the fur of a sleepy animal.  That is a sight I will suffer sore eyes for.

The summer sun is making us all feel a little lazy and holiday mode has kicked in two weeks too early.  With Pea at home now until September, I keep having to remind myself that the boys haven't yet broken up.  Two weeks will fly by though and then six weeks of summer holls will start.  If we get weather like this, it will be wonderful.  We can hit the beach, walk the lanes, laze in the garden and play in the field.  The alternative is not so appealing, but we will face that when the time comes.  For now we are lapping up the sun and heat and enjoying the summer breeze.

Hope you get plenty of warm sun to enjoy too. xxx

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