Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Dream Cottage

We have had the most beautiful week full of wall to wall sunshine, albeit with rather a stiff breeze, but if you could get out of the wind for a while the sun was really quite warm.  Pea has spent a lot of time revising in the garden and I have kept her company.  I have been no use to her whatsoever, but it was nice to sit together and drink tea and it made me feel as if I was doing something useful!

So we have taken full advantage of the sun and had plenty of long walks, much to the delight (not) of the boys.  A few days ago, I successfully dragged them all out for an even longer walk than usual.  We had not done this one before, so I thought it would be quite exciting to see what we would find.  It seems I was alone in this thinking regarding the boys at least.  H1 was accepting as it would keep Puppy quiet for a while after, but H2 complained that the graze on his knee really hurt and rendered him incapable of walking further than the garden gate.  Hmm, a likely story and not one that I would take any notice of.  Anyway, he seemed to almost enjoy it once we got going.  Kind of.  You may remember my ramblings of a derelict farmhouse that I saw on our previous walk, well I found something even better...!  Ready?  Here we go...

Oh my, it is rather perfect don't you think?  Pea and I were in raptures over it but the boys couldn't see why. I think I had mentally moved in before we got to the end of the lane and planned where all the rooms would be, what colour the barn at the back would be painted (Red Oxide) and hung the ubiquitous lace curtains.  Look, sash windows! Well, one anyway, the others are boarded up.

Can you imagine a pink Old English climbing rose around this door?  And hens scratching in the earth?  And Hollyhocks, Foxgloves and Aquilegia growing along the front wall?  There is a slight problem...I would need about a billion pounds to sort it all out and make it the home of my dreams, so it will most probably stay the home of my dreams and never actually come to fruition, but, oh if only...!

Head still full of the above, we spotted this little miracle on the way home.  Two brand new lambs, only moments old.  I didn't get too close I promise, I used the zoom on my camera as I didn't want to scare her away from her babies.  She had cleaned one, but the other was still a bit yellow and wet.  I love it, it's an amazing thing and I feel privileged to have all this going on around us.

We left her in peace to bond with and feed her lambs and went home where I made spice biscuits and raspberry buns with which to feed my lambs.

And now it is the end of the Easter holidays.  We have had two super weeks full of doing not much; walking, reading, talking and hanging about.  The sunny weather has helped us all feel energetic and bouncy rather than flat and dull.  I am finally filled with a new zest for making and doing (yippee!) and really relish the thoughts of the days stretching out ahead, at least until October when the nights draw in again.  Who knows what those days will bring and at times, when the sun lights up the sea, sky and mountains, it seems that just about anything could happen.

The owner of the world's fifth largest yacht is a candle maker.  It could well be that the owner of a tiny crumbling cottage on a small island in the Irish Sea is too.  Better get melting...

Thank you for dropping by and reading my ramblings.  Keep happy and smile! xxx

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